Our mission is to drastically speed up the process of developing, designing and building mid-rise residential buildings.

With our FastTrack Modular Precast we have developed a system that enables developers to deliver buildings faster at a competitive price.

FastTrack Streamlines the Build Process

consolidating your consultants

FastTrack streamlines the build process by sparing you the necessity of independently sourcing and contracting an Architect, Structural Engineer, and Mechanical Engineer. FastTrack is a comprehensive solution encompassing all three disciplines so you can get to building faster.

The Complete FastTrack Process

GC Phase Begins


Meet to uncover site details, obstacles and individual needs


Review siteplan, zoning, density requirements, storeys and units to create an optimized building design


Review your building design and exchange of plans or modules addressed at this stage


Approve concept and enter contract to take project from design and development to final construction

GC Phase Begins


Complete design and enter construction phase lead by General Contractor

Included When You Build with FastTrack

FastTracking Your Next Build Will Save You Time & Money

Get Your Proposal drawings within 2 weeks

Up to

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FastTrack’s pre-designed precast building modules streamlines and reduces the planning and design time by up to 90%

Up to

Less $$$*
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FastTrack’s optimized modular design will translate to savings of up to 15% compared to traditional construction methods

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Mix and match module configurations to create the ideal building plan that meets the needs of its unique market

*Based on optimized conditions

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